Beeing free

It’s always so funny.
A Windows user sees that I’m using Linux and then he’s asking:
WinUser: “What Linux are you using?”
I: “Gentoo.”
WinUser: “What version?”
I: “Gentoo.”
WinUser: “No, what version.”
I: “Yes, Gentoo.”
WinUser: “???”

Then I start to explain that I don’t need to wait for years for a new Linux like with Windows. Gentoo is upgraded continuously, each program individually and you never have to reinstall it.
Hard to believe for somebody who knows only Windows and has never seen the power of free software. “Free” means the user can do what ever he wants, not just “no costs”. Freedom, no limitations. Why should I made myself dependent from software vendors, where I have to accept their conditions, their prices, their update cycles, their guarantee that the software is secure and that there is no built-in spy software, …
Linux is free and it’s open, I can do with it what I want, use it for what I want, can change it like I want. There is no limitation like: if you use MS Exchange you MUST also use MS Outlook, if you use Media Player, you MUST also use a MS video codec, if you write a document with MS Word all users you want to send it MUST also have Word, if you make Website with MS Frontpage you MUST also use MS Internet Explorer, …
Hey! There are open standards!!!
MS has no interest in being open, implementing standards, being useful or being stable.
They are just interested in making money.
But not with me, I’m free!

1 Response to “Beeing free”

  1. 1 dude September 17, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    although you could give him the kernel version 😉

    Archlinux FTW ;D

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