Does KDE4 on Windows make sense?

I expect there are a lot of opinions to this questions 😉

KDE4 is another Open Source success story. So why should a user be interested in running it on Windows, when there are free alternatives like Linux? Is it not one step back? By only supporting free operating systems this would be another reason for Windows users, that want to use the cool KDE apps, to switch to free operating systems like Linux. So why are Open Source developers are interested in porting it to Windows?

A lot of good questions, and in my opinion all this is right, but there is this KDE4 Windows port and a lot of Windows users are already using it. So for some users it seems to make sense. One reason I heard is that some users are forced to use Windows in their job and so have no choice. With KDE4 for Windows they can now use all the cool KDE applications, that they are used to use from home and are not limited to the applications that come with Windows.

Open Source means to be free. Let you do with it whatever you want, as long as the result of your work offers the same freedom to all other users. Thus it allows you also to port it to Windows and let it run on a proprietary operating systems.
So at the end – if people like it or not – KDE4 on Windows is also part of the freedom of Open Source.

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