Edit Text at the Speed of Thought

I consider myself an intermediate vim-user. In the last days I started over to push myself to the next level. Inspired by Damain Conway’s video ‘instantly better vim’ I began to read more about vim, vim-script and recreated my vim config from scratch with my new knowledge. You can find it on my ‘new’ branch on https://github.com/gergap/vim. I’ll write a series of blogs in the next days about all the new stuff, but for now I want to give you some good resources that every vim-users should read:

  • vim-tutor: If you have not tried it and you are new to vim you should really try it. Just run `vimtutor` from your shell.
  • Practical vim: A great book from Drew Neil. I just ordered it a few days ago. I wished I would have seen this book earlier.
  • http://vimcasts.org/: Here you find great screencasts for free, also from Drew Neil.
  • More instantly better vim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHm36-na4-4

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