How MS fights against Open Source

I just recently kicked Skype from my machine, because MS has completely screwed up this great piece of software.

  • Some bugs were annoying me already for a long time. Like that false missed messages re-appeared after every restart on every machine.
  • There is still not 64bit binary available and they will probably never publish the sources that I could compile it myself.
  • Skype Video chat now doesn’t work anymore with the latest version.
  • The older version is not allowed to connect anymore.

Now I have another reason to don’t use Windows are any MS product. I’m using Google Hangout now.

I’m always wondering if it is intended to break software and software standards (do you remember the HTML problems with IE?) or if this just happens because nobody at MS tests the interoperability.

Just recently a friend told me about an internal mail from Bill Gates. It is already quiet old. But it shows clearly the philosophy of MS to break everything or use patents against the competitors. Here is the link to the leaked e-mail:

Another example. Microsoft’s mobile phone is not very successful. But MS is still the big winner in the smart phone market due to their patents. See

Maybe the reason for their bad quality is, that more lawyers are working for MS than engineers 😉

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