Visual Studio 2015

Just tested the new VS on Windows 10. Also VS 2015 has improved a lot.

  • It now has integrated Git support. Yes an Open Source VCS system (the best VCS IMO). I was never expecting that MS would every support an Open Source tool that comes from the Linux world. It seems that some political things have changed a lot inside MS. Supporting Git, make more and more MS code Open Source, etc.
  • Now VS also supports reverse debugging like in GDB 7 and higher. MS calls this “Historical Debugging”. The only downside is you need at least the “Enterprise Edition” to get this feature. For all other people which don’t want to spend as much money: Use GDB as described here:
  • The debugger shows now many performance measurement values like execution times. Very nice. But I’m not sure how reliable these values are. I still prefer valgrind for things like profiling.
  • Intellisense seems to work more reliable now and is not as intrusive anymore. I cannot prove it, but it  feels like that.
  • I’m sure there are many more new features, but that’s what I’ve seen on my first try.

Like Windows 10. Things seem to get really better now.

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