Windows 10 is here

This time the new Windows really brings some new exciting features. Some of the most annoying issues of Windows are fixed now. I’m waiting for them since Win95. It just took 20 years 😉

  • The console window is now resizeable as every other window.
  • Copy/Paste now works as expected with C-C, C-V in the console window. Also line-wise selection works now, before only rectangular selection was possible
  • Scrolling works now in the console Window
  • Opening folders in Explorer now works better without scrolling away the tree view
  • The Start menu is back: Yeah!!!!
  • Virtual desktops as on Linux desktops!!!
  • Better windows docking:
    • Docking now works also in the border to the next screen (dual-screen setup)
    • Now you can dock not only on screen halfs, but  only on quaters like on Linux KDE desktop.

What is still missing:

  • A good shell like Bash. But you can fix that by installing MinGW bash (or Git bash). Together with the new features above this is almost as comfortable as on Linux.
  • Console color support
  • Multiselect in TaskManager to kill multiple processes at once
  • kill, killall commandline programs to automate this process
  • In general a way to send a TERM signal to processes. Currently only Windows programs with GUIs can receive a WM_QUIT message. GUI less programs can only be killed. Who has designed this kind of crap?
  • A good filesystem with journaling, snapshots, and which don’t need this defragmentation process in the background. Windows ReFS looks promising, but we will if it really will work or will silently dissappear like WinFS.

For me this is the best windows update for a very very long time.

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