Windows10 sucks

Yesterday I needed Windows to build a product release for the Windows platform.
Normally I don’t do this, but the colleague was on vacation. I normally touch Windows only a few times a year, and I don’t waste my time and hard disk on installing Windows. Even though I grew up with DOS and Windows I stopped using it, because it makes way too much troubles and Linux works rock solid.

So I booted the colleague’s PC and guess what? It automatically installed some updates without asking. After this the network didn’t work anymore. So I could not execute the build process, which is in a VirtualBox VM anyway. Unfortunately the copy of the VM image on our network share was out of date, so I wanted to copy the image from the PC to the network share – oops, no network. So I tried to copy it to an external hard disk connected via USB. Guess what, Windows10 was not able to recognize this disk. On another WindowsXP machine the disk worked, but not on Windows10 – Happy Anniversary update !!!

Why is this Windows shit always hitting me? I touch Windows as rarely as I can, but always there is a problem. Bluescreeens, “utltra-fast” reboots, something hangs or does not work at all.

On every new Windows version people tell me: “Now it’s much better, no blue screens anymore, bla bla”. And every time I try Windows it is the same crap as before or even worse…

Sorry, normally my post are more objective, but this Windows crap pisses me off. I again lost two work days with fixing this crap. Why to hell I didn’t simply boot a Linux SystemRescue CD and copied over the VM to my Linux box? Good question – I think because I was expecting a simple solution. The next time I will not waste my time with Windows anymore – simply use Linux and stay relaxed.

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